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After the Rainstorm


The summer of 2021 was changeable to say the least. Just as the roses started to really come out looking (and smelling) beautiful, the sun shone and temperatures rose, then suddenly we had an outbreak of incredibly heavy rain. While the plants were desperate for the drink, some of the blooms were bruised. However, I don’t think this is a reason not to photograph them as even at the height of the Dutch Masters, they were known to paint decay and imperfection so why shouldn’t I photograph it?

Roses – the ultimate symbol of love of all kinds, are combined with Marigolds – long associated with the sun as they turn their heads to follow it reminding humans to concentrate on higher matters, such as God; Foxgloves – associated with both healing and poison; Columbines (Aquilegia) – thought to represent the Holy Spirit, because their five petals suggest the shape of a dove which also is the symbol of peace; the Sweet Peas represent “blissful pleasure” so are ideal to combine with the roses. The table is covered with orange blossom which is often connected with the Virgin Mary, as well as with worldly love. The allium is bending forward and over the edge of the bowl and is there to remind us of what patience we must have when growing flowers.

A red admiral butterfly usually represents transition, but because of its red on black colouring curiously it is sometimes thought to remind us of the ever present possibility of hell. The empty scallop shell reminds us of the transience of beauty whether it be due to age or weather.

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  • Blank inside

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I created the photograph After the Rainstorm using a number of beautiful flowers from our garden. You might notice that some show signs of damage as a result of a rather violent rainstorm. I think that is even more of a reason to photograph them.

The damage of the petals confirms the fragility of their beauty. They still smell beautiful!

The card is supplied with a matching white envelope and contained within a sealed, hygienic cello bag. All our cards are printed on sustainable 350gsm board by a printer just five miles from where the photograph is taken. We support local businesses whenever possible.